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Data Visualization & Reporting

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Data Visualization & Reporting

Drapsa's  data storytelling service offers custom designed visualizations and automated reporting systems that efficiently display data insights.

An effective visual data story can do everything from increase retention times to simplify complex data. Our clients require compelling visual data stories to engage their audiences, increase budgets, display key insights, etc.

We even build interactive applications in addition to static visuals. 

What is Data Visualization & Reporting?


Data storytelling goes hand in hand with visual communication and the visual representation of data.

When clients need to communicate complex data clearly and intuitively to a targeted audience, we design sleek statistical graphs, charts, information graphics, and more.

Automated reporting offers an effective, time-saving layout that can be used over and over.


Data visualization can effectively improve audience understanding, resulting in successful campaigning and ROI. You can have all the information in the world, but it means nothing if you can’t make sense of it.


Our Services

Our Data Visualization services start with Data Analysis and ends with a final product that is uniquely designed and developed.

Our clients use our Data Visualization Services to interactively visualize their data.

Rapid production in order to building awareness, education on complex topics, etc. to a specific audience is the primary reason to build an an automated report. Building awareness, education on complex topics, etc. to a mass audience is the primary reason to build data visualization. These visual products are then used for marketing, branding, budgets, etc.


Why Drapsa


We have been mastering the craft of Data Storytelling for many years. Client’s come to us when they need a firm to understand their complex data in order to build an end data product that represents the data accurately and meets the goal of the brand.


Our sophisticated templating systems allows for the flexibility to create a custom layout that is both unique to the brand and visually appealing.


Brand goals can be matched to each template or visualization, and multiple variations of report templates can be created to account for a variety of uses.


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