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Data points for big data and analytics

We facilitate transform data into real-world intelligence 


Drapsa-symbolizes a spark! A resultant vector when thought and reasoning resonate into actionable ideas. Ideas that are transformative and

relate to your business.


We are in the data distillation business extracting relevant, contextual and insightful data components for your business.

Our experiential level of relating to business is by maintaining full awareness of the business context being addressed, draw valuable insights and

enable effective interpretation of various business dimensions so as to generate maximum impact. 


We adopt this approach without attempting to alter or challenge any of its forces. 



We envision small and medium sized businesses generate fresh and contextual business insights through our offerings covering strategic consulting, bespoke analysis and training.


Using our curated frameworks, we offer  (i) Strategic consulting (ii) Bespoke analysis & (iii) Training to small and medium sized  businesses.


  • We are a boutique business data analytics outfit, helping businesses move faster and work smarter.

  • We are technology and vendor agnostic. Our client relationships are fiduciary and always seeking our clients best interests.

  • In other words, we’re about impact.​



  • We believe that data is the new language of business.

  • We believe, data has the power to transform business and improve society.​ 

  • We believe in making it possible by proposing solutions and providing real business insights.

  • We believe in being rewarded for outcomes that matter to you ​. 



  • Remain fair and balanced at all times.

  • Our independence is sacrosanct.​​ 

  • Treat client information as if it were our own. 

  • Our decisions and actions are always in keeping with our curated value system.​​ 

  • ​Make recommendations which we would personally follow.​ 

  • We adopt a philosophy practiced by professionals who view ethical business as the highest calling.​​ 

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